Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated

Idea behind to make the SUNRISE EDUCATIONAL TRUST. This is story of young persons who work very hard, struggle hard and spend the nights on the footpath to come up in life but could not reach up to destination after putting lot of effrots,the reason behind it only, not proper guidance in right time then they decided to form a plateform where they can share their expirence to the young genration how to start the career in right direction. The people of Jammu and kashmir well known for their simplicity,hard work and intelligence,how ever many of the talent are laying undiscovered and misuse of one' POTENTIALthe main reason behind is the lack of knowledge guidance and information in right time to our young minds.A proper guidance and motivation required to the up coming young genration of the society here is the plateform as SUNRISE EDUCATIONAL TRUST which will help the young gernation exchanging their views in single plateform and will help to make more competant individual and contribute partly to uplift the weaker section of the society

Founder Desk
Imparting quality education and illuminating the lives of the masses through modern and efficient education system is a challenging and noble task. It is the right time for us at this information age, to prepare for the progress of our country and society. This would eventually lead to the prosperity of the nation as well as Humanity.
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